Arrowhead Owners
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Rules for Posting on Forum
  • Everyone is invited to read the messages on the forum but only Arrowhead Owners and family are allowed to post. Long term property renters are also allowed to post. If you are not the registered owner, then you should fill out the relationship field on the registration form so that the registrar can approve your registration.

  • No flaming is allowed. When you write a post and reference another person or business, think of your own name in the reference and think how you would feel if someone said that about you. Be considerate of other's feelings. Any post that is hurtful, contains profanity or SHOUTING will be removed.

  • You agree not to use any automated tools for registering and/or posting on this bulletin board. By failing to obey this rule you would be granting us permission to repeatedly query your web server

  • Posting about things for sale is permitted but the item(s) for sale must also be listed on the Arrowhead Market Place. Please, no business, service or commercial ads.

  • Posting about issues related to Arrowhead is welcome. These posts can be informative or can ask questions for others to answer. It is important to allow all residents to have their own opinion and be be freely allowed to post it. All posts should pertain to the issue being discussed and not contain hurtful things about others.

  • Of course, posting about social matters is always welcome.

  • Moderators may edit or delete any post or topic.