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Governing Documents

There are a number of documents or laws that are used to govern how our Home Owners Association is regulated. The state of Colorado has statutes that govern what can be done in a Home Owners Association. In addition, our own Arrowhead Improvements Associations has rules that we are governed by.


Colorado State Laws and Statutes that affect our Home Owners Association

The Arrowhead Improvement Association and its Board of Directors are governed by the following Colorado state statues. These statutes governing Home Owners Associations and not-for-profit corporations are both applicable to our Arrowhead Improvements Associaiton and its Board of Directors.

  • Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act

    Because AIA,inc was in existance before July 1, 1992 only the sections of the the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act listed in section 38-33.3-117 are applicable to Arrowhead Improvements Association and its Board of Directors.  The document, maintained by DORA (Colorado Dept. of Regulartory Agencies), includes the revisions of Senate Bill 2005-100 and Senate Bill 2006-89.

  • Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act

    Our homeowners association is the Arrowhead Improvement Association, Inc. The "Inc." at the end of our HOAs name indicates that our homeowners association is a corporation or business incorporated in the state of Colorado. As a business the AIA has annual revenues of more than $5,000 from the dues we pay each quarter. To avoid paying income taxes on this revenue our homeowners association is run as a not-for-profit corporation and subject to the rules for nonprofit corporations.

Arrowhead Improvements Association Governing Documents

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